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Inspection & Testing

JLM Environmental is now offering same day results for radon testing. With our continuous electronic monitors, we are able to provide our clients with quicker results with higher accuracy when compared to charcoal canisters. Our monitors utilize six, highly sensitive sensors that produce reliable data and less variation; the temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity are all incorporated into our reports.

The Benefits of Using Electronic Continuous Monitors vs. Charcoal Canisters


Charcoal canisters will only give an average of the radon levels they are exposed to during the 48 hour sampling period; our electronic continuous monitors provide interval reporting every 30 minutes.


Charcoal canisters are left out and can be easily tampered with; our electronic continuous monitors are able to detect fluctuations which may indicate potential tampering (movement of the unit, opening of windows, etc).

Turnaround Time

Charcoal canisters can take up to several days following the completion of the sampling for results to return from the lab; our electronic continuous monitors allow us to give our clients the results within a few hours after collecting the samples!

The Testing Process

IMPORTANT: The testing of radon levels in your home requires a minimum of 48 hours to complete the sampling using our electronic continuous monitors. If there is a time constraint, such as a pending real-estate transaction, we ask that you please kind this in mind when scheduling.

Preparing Your Home for Radon Testing

Radon levels can fluctuate inside the home on a daily, and even seasonal, basis. Furthermore, your daily activities such as turning on ceiling fans and opening doors and windows can also affect the levels.

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