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Inspection & Testing

The scope of the allergen assessment includes a visual inspection of all visibly and physically accessible areas inside of the subject property, collection of necessary/contracted samples, and explanation of laboratory data. This inspection documents conditions present at the specific time and date of the inspection. A written report of our finding and recommendations are presented to our client upon completion. In this report, our conclusions are based upon our visual observations and samples collected specifically at the time and date of inspection and collection of limited data from the inspection site.

Laboratory analysis of the allergen samples can detect the presence of the following allergen types (antigens):

  • Dust mites (Der f1 & Der f2 anitgens)
  • Cat (Fel d1 antigen)
  • Dog (Can f1 antigen)
  • Cockroach (Bla g2 antigen)

Microvaccuum (Microvac) Sampling

Settled dust is collected using a sampling pump; the sampled dust is vacuumed into a PCM/TEM cassette filter which is sent to the laboratory for analysis.


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