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Health Effects

How Can Bed Bugs Be Harmful and Dangerous?

A bed bug bite affects each person differently. Bite responses can range from an absence of any physical signs of the bite, to a small bite mark, to a serious allergic reaction. Several small bits can cause a allergic reaction that may need medical attention. Although bed bugs are not generally known to spread any blood transmitted pathogens, their bites, can be very itchy and when scratched one can easily introduce germs into the wound. Also, if a bed bug bites you in a hotel or public area, there is a possibility for the bedbugs to introduced infected blood to the area in which they bite.

Bed bugs can also keep you awake all night, depriving you of sleep and exhausting you physically and mentally. Some people describe their experience with bed bugs as the worst thing that has ever happened to them in their lives, when they felt completely drained out and worthless. A person residing  within an infested home will often begin to suffer from the effects of insomnia which include but are not limited to anxiety, irritability, inability to focus, depression, loss of appetite, and in some cases psychosis. Constant sleep deprivation combined with itchiness and unsightly reddish bumps and scabs on your skin results in stress and, if left untreated, can lead to depression and immune system weakening.

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